Amazon AWS architecture delivered

Stickybit has delivered a complete architecture for a new business developed during 2015 targeting the US market. This post focusses on technical aspects. A more complete post will be published once the venture has been launched.

We participated from a concept stage and we laid down all the frameworks for development and deployment platform, effectively bootstrapping the entire project. We delivered architectural design and documentation, wrote the Operations Manuals and hand-over documentation. We also created initial Information Models and designed API Interaction between services. We also laid down the architecture for the MicroServices responsible for all the business logic. The development environment for the MicroServices is built up from Ansible, Docker, git, Jenkins, NodeJS,AngularJS, scripting.The entire environment runs from Docker containers delivered from private Docker hub.

Our solution is completely scalable and we use AWS with EC2, S3, Route53, RDS, SQS, Cloudwatch and Beanstalk. We also provided Technical project leadership for the entire development phase up until first release and we supported all the development units that participated in the development team.

An important part of our architecture required a strategy for monitoring all API:s. Not only for scalability and stability reasons since all existing business models eventually will converge to counting hits on calls to our services. We also designed a Social validation strategy for sifting out the most attractive digital content to targeted end users.

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