Working at Stickybit

Stickybit is a great place to work. There is plenty of space for the individual to grow, create and contribute. Helping you to grow is part of our core business which is to provide the finest professional services that real techies can deliver. We have a pretty successful track record of bringing change and innovation to our clients by helping them to apply emerging technologies in a meaningful way.

At times, we channel some of our ideas into creating products that we market ourselves. Stickybit Licensetracker helps companies to keep track of global software assets. More recently Patwic was founded. A company that is 100% committed to give training to smart teenagers. A Patwic student learns how to program and develop software in a cloud context.

Our culture is marked by friendliness, curiosity and a strong sense for getting things done. We really enjoy each other’s company and  we take pride in our work. If you’re really smart, a genuinely nice person and you are serious about your ambitions, there is certainly space for you in our tribe.