Education and Training

We continually hold work shops and create training materials as a part of our assignments. While we always customize the content of our classes, some of them are generic enough to be given to a wide audience on a regular basis. A few of them will be listed here. Notably Python and DevOps classes. Please revisit this page as it will be heavily updated and more stuff will be added.

Python classes

Loads of content, exercises, modules and work shops to choose from. Call us for a quote. Some of our more common packages are briefly described below.

  • A two day introduction to Python for less experienced programmers. Perfect for system administrators, test engineers and game developers who need to get fluent with a powerful language.
  • Python for experienced developers. A fast tracked two day class where the language, bits of its standard library is dealt with in short order. The class focuses on idioms and components from the wider Python eco system that brings leverage to the proficient programmer.
  • One day workshop about Software engineering with Python. How to live with Python 2.7.x and Python 3.x. Practices and pitfalls with unit test frameworks, pip, packaging, distribution and maintenance.

Company coding event

Challenge your co workers to a fun event for software and programming lovers. To play the game, you need to code. To know what to code, you need to play the game. Can you save the Roman Republic from getting overthrown by Gaius Julius Caesar and his vile companions? 50% of the fee will be donated to A sister company to Stickybit that gives compute science and programming classes for kids.

System Administration

  • System Configuration Management with Cfengine3. Learn to master a tricky and powerful technology that will bring your Linux and Unix servers and clients under 100% control. We will share our experiences from introducing this technology in different contexts.

DevOps classes

There are excellent instructions and documentation available on the net for any modern technology. How to bring different pieces together is another matter. Depending on the need in your team, we are happy to bring it home for you. Here is an example of a nice workshop with Neo4j, git, JSON, Heroku, Python and Flask that we created for Hyper Island.

Get inspired, contact us and tell us what you would like to do. We can help you.

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