We bring consumer grade quality software solutions to help enterprises grow into the new world.

Cloud and Infrastructure

Our team is highly skilled in all technologies that matter – be it AWS, Firebase or design and implementation of complete elastic services. We also do Enterprise IT infrastructure and security.

Product Development

From micro processors to embedded Linux and API design, our team will help you define, build and launch your product.

We consider the complete service architecture for the eco system to be created. A modern product will benefit from strong integration with relevant data driven services.

A higher purpose

While we are in the business of helping our customers solve difficult problems, we sometime do things in order to create a better society (or simply because its fun). At Stickybit we do things like helping doctors, support students and teach kids to code.

Software Methodology

We are experts in choosing software development tools, creating development, build and simulation environments and setting up continuous integration/deployment flows so that your code creates customer value as fast as possible, without sacrificing quality.

It is fair to say that we are veterans of this trade, we have seen startups and we have seen several multi million dollar projects from most industries. We take pride in improving our clients’ ways of working.

By means of experience, tools and technology we give you the insights you need and we can certainly improve performance in a distributed team. Or manage an outsourced relationship for you. End to end.

Software & Business Management

From setting up and managing your business models to leading your project and teams through the development cycles all the way to launch you can trust us in taking a relevant product to market with great accuracy.

We love products and business models that reflect a mutually beneficial relationship between user and creator. In our view, a product that stops making money once it has been sold is a stupid product. What opportunities are you missing out on?


Beyond educating your staff in all things code and development tools (and trust us – we do this well), we do our part in building a better society by teaching kids to code through patwic.com.