Seminar on Micro Services

Today is all about micro services. At Stickybit, we continually hold work shops, either internally or with partners and sometimes for a wider audience. CTO Filip Körling recently decided to change its form and methods and we think this is a nice way of sharing some of what Stickybit is all about.

We will try a more structured method of competence dissemination, by reading and viewing material on interesting topics, and then discussing them in group. I.e., in a seminar form. The image illustrates the Multithreading Theory versus Practice problem.

For the first seminar, the theme will be
 micro services and this is topic most relevant for those of us that work with Platforms and Services. We will examine real cases where micro service architectures address the disasters that comes with monolithic multi threading.

If this seminar works well, we will broaden the scope to include other topics and areas. The material is distributed with Flipboard, which is best used on a tablet, but also works on a phone or in web browser.

Check out the Flipboard magazine called  Sb PS 1: Microservices. It contains both articles and videos of talks to work through.

What happens now?

  1. Work through the material on your own time, estimate that it will take 2-3 hours to read/see everything.
  2. We will a book 2 hour seminar for discussion of the topics in the material in December. You are expected to have read and thought about the topics before attending.

The seminar is very well suited to be hosted at Stickybit HQ and later on, at a public location where draught beers and other stimulating liquids are served.

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